Addressing the big issues for Glebe

With the Council election campaign now full steam ahead in the lead up to September 8th a number of residents groups throughout the City are holding meet the candidates forums to get an idea about what the various candidates intend to do if elected.  These are great ways for the community to get involved in the democratic process and often do a better job of holding candidates to account than the mainstream media.

This week I attended such a forum held by the Glebe Society.  This group asked each candidate to address their five main areas of concern, these being:

*Heritage – protection of the unique built form and social fabric of the iconic suburbs of Glebe and Forest Lodge

* Environment – creating a more sustainable City

*Housing – particularly the controversial ‘Glebe Affordable Housing Project’ in Cowper St

*Small business – promoting the unique businesses that line Glebe Point Rd and other parts of the suburb

*Bays Precinct – what can be done to ensure the redevelopment of this large waterfront area is in the interest of the local community and the environment.

With only eight minutes to speak on these issues including all the important points was going to be a challenge, but attached here is the speech I delivered outlining the Greens views on these matters.


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