Lift Redfern campaign hits target of 10 000

Greens MP Cate Feahrmann with Lift Redfern campaigners and I at the petition presentation.

The Lift Redfern campaign last week reached it’s target of getting over 10 000 signatures on a petition calling for Redfern railway station to be made accessible and today this petition was presented to local MPs to be bought forward for debate in parliament.

The response from the community has been overwhelming, with all the signatures collected in just over a month.  The people have said loud and clear that the decades of neglect, leaving Redfern station accessible only by steep staircases and a single set of escalators, is not acceptable.  They’ve said it’s not acceptable that people with mobility limiting disabilities be entirely excluded from one of Sydney’s busiest railway stations, not acceptable that the elderly and parents with prams have to risk the safety of themselves or their children in negotiating precarious stairs just to catch the train.

Local MPs receive the petition from community campaigners.

I congratulate all those involved in the campaign and it’s now over to the politicians to determine whether the necessary upgrades of Redfern station go ahead.  Local MPs will be presenting the petition to parliament and I hope the debate will result in a productive outcome rather than the usual finger pointing and mud slinging that wastes most of parliament’s time these days.

The government has the opportunity to show that the community is in control and I sincerely hope they take it.


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