Launching Lift Redfern

Disability Discrimination Commissioner Graeme Innis and I at the campaign launch

Despite being one of the busiest railway stations in Sydney, with over 40 000 people passing through it each weekday, Redfern Station is an access nightmare.  Redfern has a very high population of frail elderly people and people with disabilities yet the station platforms can only be reached by traversing steep staircases or, in one case, escalators. 

It is entirely off-limits to those who use wheelchairs and is dangerous and difficult for the elderly and parents with prams.

I was therefore proud to join with Federal Disability Discrimination Commissioner Graeme Innis and others this week in officially launching the Lift Redfern campaign, a community campaign to demand that the state government take action over this issue.

Our first step is to get 10 000 signatures on a petition on the issue (available here) so that the matter will be debated in parliament.  Given that both major parties have failed to act on the issue in their respective times in government it’s hoped that this will shame them into taking action as it seems compassion has failed to motivate them in the past.

The speech I delivered at the launch is here.


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