NSW to head down the nuclear path?

As the first anniversary of the Fukishima nuclear disaster approaches it is most worrying to see the NSW Liberal Government taking steps to aid the spread of nuclear material in Australia and elsewhere by opening the state up to uranium exploration.

For 28 years uranium exploration and mining has been banned in NSW under a policy that was supported not just by the Greens but by the Liberal and Labor parties too. 

Greens and other concerned citizens rallying against uranium exploration in NSW.

However, sometime since winning last year’s election premier Barry O’Farrell has changed his mind and decided uranium exploration is a great idea.

Coming from the party that takes every opportunity it can to brand the federal government as liars for reversing their position on a carbon tax after winning an election this is the height of hypocrisy.

At the same time the government has introduced what it proudly declares to be the worlds toughest restrictions on windfarms.  It seems the Liberals are convinced that setting up a windmill is more dangerous than digging up toxic radioactive minerals, refining them with corrosive poisonous gases and then using them to start a nuclear chain reaction.

On Wednesday this week I joined fellow Greens and other environmental and nuclear safety activists in rallying outside state parliament for sanity to prevail in our energy policy.  The Greens will be fighting this proposal all the way in parliament but it will be left to be seen what this government decides is more important – the safety of the planet or the vested interests of mining companies.


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