Congratulations to the Factory Community Centre and Babana

Congratulations to the Factory Community Centre and Babana Aboriginal Mens Group for becoming finalists in this years City of Sydney Business Awards.  The two organisations were among the 8 finalists in the “Community and Social Services” category, showing just how strong an impact both have had on the community over the last year.

The Factory is located in Redfern and for 30 years has catered to the varying needs of the diverse Redfern/Waterloo community, particularly the area’s large Aboriginal, immigrant and public housing resident populations.  Providing a space to meet, facilities such as a community bus and programs to assist local residents with issues such as literacy, parenting and substance abuse the centre is an invaluable resource for some of the groups left behind in the hectic pace of a global city like Sydney and I’m proud to have had the opportunity to work with them over the years.

Babana is a peer support group run by and for Aboriginal men in the greater Sydney area, also based out of Redfern/Waterloo.  It helps to unite the community and propagate the positive values of traditional Aboriginal culture, as well as running men’s health programs and helping Aboriginal men access education and employment.

It was my great pleasure to attend the awards ceremony with representatives of the Factory on Tuesday night to see them and Babana showcased along with 6 other very worthy community organisations and a wide range of innovative City businesses. Both are sterling examples of what the community can do when dedicated people get together to help others and both deserve the recognition they have received by being finalists for this award. 

I can only hope that this raised profile will help them both receive increased support to continue the important work they do for the people who need it most.


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