Sydney joins fair trade cities

I don’t get to put many good news stories here these days, so I feel it’s worth giving an airing to one from a few months ago that went under the radar at the time – City of Sydney is now an accredited Fair Trade City.

Fairtrade accreditation means that the City has committed to using products that give a fair share of profits to their producers and that there are many businesses within the City where such products can be sourced.  This is important because historically farmers in developing countries, particularly those who produce products like tea, coffee, sugar and coco beans, are likely to be underpaid for their work and often live in poverty while multi-national companies make huge profits from their labour.

Fairtrade products are those that have met the standards of Fairtrade International in terms of social sustainability – paying reasonable prices and setting reasonable conditions for the producers so that they and their communities are able to enjoy a reasonable standard of living.

Getting the City to commit to purchasing products that adhere to these standards, and supporting businesses that do the same, was one of my goals when I was first elected to Council and it’s great to see it finally come to fruition.  Everyone who makes purchasing decisions based on good ethical principles will now find this much easier to do within the City of Sydney.


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