Cockatoo culling moves to Potts Point

It looks likely that sulphur-crested cockatoos in Potts Point will be poisoned to protect window sills in what is an incredibly selfish and short sighted move.

The application for a culling licence from the state government came from building owners who claim that the birds have damaged parts of their property.  However, if allowed, the cull will likely be of limited effect.  Cockatoos have been in the City my whole life and, by the admission of some of the building owners in question, have been causing small amounts of damage for decades.


 Previous culls in Potts Point haven’t stopped it, I can’t see what will make this one any different.

 As I’ve discussed numerous times here in the past, two cockatoos were shot in Broadway last year for damaging a building façade there, however in a matter of months another bird had moved into the area and started damaging the building again.  Another culling licence was requested but, after a strong campaign against it the request was denied. 

Eventually, the bird responsible stopped damaging the building of its own accord.  

The Potts Point owners in question seem to be pulling out every excuse in the book to get this cruel act approved.  They’ve cited improbable safety concerns, misunderstood heritage rules and nuances of home and contents insurance policies as reasons that we should clear out the wildlife from around their homes.  Ultimately, they just want to take the course of action that requires the least effort on their behalf, and that’s getting rid of the birds.

Despite the disappointing outcome, I am hopeful that the culling licence will require the building owners in question to create a plan to deal with birds in the future so that they can’t simply keep killing cockatoos indefinitely when they became a nuisance. 

I find it incredibly sad that in this day and age people are still allowed to kill intelligent, beautiful animals like sulphur crested cockatoos for their own convenience.  So much wildlife has been destroyed and banished from our cities by the march of ‘progress’.  We should be doing everything we can to protect the few species that remain in them.

Image by Oyster Catcher, use authorised under Creative Commons.


5 responses to “Cockatoo culling moves to Potts Point

  1. What actions can we take to stop this atrocity? The cockatoos are our friends and they give a much loved sense of fun and wildness to 2011!

  2. You can write to the NSW Environment Minister, Robyn Parker, at as well as the Director of National Parks and Wildlife Sally Barnes, c/o and tell them that this isn’t acceptable. Tell your friends to write as well.

    The National Parks and Wildife Service are concerned about public opinion on this issue and need to know that in the 21st century people don’t stand for this.

  3. Thanks very much Lisa, will sign the petition ASAP and pass it on.

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