Social engineering in Redfern Waterloo

The Redfern Waterloo Authority (RWA) have grand plans for the “urban renewal” of the two suburbs that they oversee and recently exhibited the 2nd stage of the Built Environment Plan for the area.

While there certainly are some interesting opportunities for renewal in the area, I am concerned about a number of aspects of the plan, most significantly the attempts at social engineering on the site.  The area has historically had a very high concentration of public housing tenants but the new plan will see 700 public housing dwellings shifted off-site to a yet to be determined location and replaced with affordable housing – pitting the poor against the very poor.  An additional 3500 private dwellings will also be built.

These concerns, plus numerous other issues relating to things such as building size and density, transport and traffic are detailed in my submission to the RWA on behalf of the South Sydney Greens.


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