Abuse from Andrew Bolt a wonderful boost

It seems this recent article on mislabeled produce in The Australian, which mentions me, has attracted the attention of a certain high profile columnist.  Andrew Bolt yesterday published an article describing me as bigoted and ignorant amongst all the other pieces of racist diatribe and climate change denial that he tries to pass off as journalism. 

 This has actually been really great exposure for me.  Other than having to delete a couple of poorly worded abusive comments that Bolt’s loyal followers felt the need to post the only effect of this has been to make hits on my blog skyrocket – today I more than tripled the record for number of people who viewed it in a single day.  The effect of this will be that this little website of mine will appear much more prominently on searches when people use the web to inform themselves about issues I deal with.  It’ll make my blog a much more effective communication tool and thus help disseminate reasoned and rational alternative points of view to Bolt’s cheap shot tactics.

 For the record, I initially raised the issue of mislabeled produce because of the fact that this hinders the ability of consumers to make educated decisions about the food they buy.  Many people choose to buy local to support the Australian economy, to reduce food miles or to boycott countries they feel have unethical practices – the media release I put out on the matter has been on my website since before Christmas and can be found here.  In it I talk not just about Israeli grapefruit but also about American lemons as two examples of mislabeled produce.  The conflict between Israel and Palestine was not the issue here. 

Lets hope Andrew Bolt checks his facts next time, however in the circles he moves I don’t think facts hold much sway.


3 responses to “Abuse from Andrew Bolt a wonderful boost

  1. Shirl In Sydney

    Maybe you’d like to raise issue with halal food not being packaged as such.

    Most chicken is in this country is halal slaughtered and very few people know of that.

    I would like to know why your Health Inspectors don’t take issue with the numerous compaints I present to them, in regards to incorrectly labelled foods from Asian sources, a number of which, being a Coeliac, have made me ill.

    They have no English on them, whch is illegal, no nutrition panels and frequently conflicting and incorrect ingredient listings

  2. Hi Shirl

    If you’re having a problem with the health inspectors not responding to your complaints then I’m happy to help you deal with this. You can call me on 9265 9812 or email me on idoutney@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au.

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