Cockatoo cull back on the agenda

The slaughter of native wildlife in Sydney has not ended.

Earlier this year I published this article about a licence issued by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) to kill cockatoos that were supposedly damaging the facade of a building in Broadway.  Two cockatoos were killed under that licence and while that was sad enough in itself we thought that would be the end of it – we were told that the two killed were the only ones causing damage.

However since the death of these birds another cockatoo has moved into the area and started causing damage, for which a new culling licence has been requested.

I find it unthinkable that the government could issue a licence for what is such a cruel and obviously ineffective solution.  Two birds have been killed and another has moved in.  Once this one is dead what’s to stop more cockatoos coming along?  Will they just kill all of them as well?

It is obvious that the building is appealing to cockatoos and that the only long term solution is to repair the damaged facades with tougher material that is resistant to the beaks of birds.

I would urge anyone opposed to the killing of birds for human convenience or to shooters being allowed to operate in a crowded urban area to write to Environment Minister Frank Sartor and express your outrage at this idea.


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