A new environmental role

A breath of fresh air has swept through the usually stale Council environment this week as some surprise appointments were made in important committee roles on Council.

City of Sydney Council uses a number of committees to make decisions outside of the more formal Council meetings and these serve as an important means of interacting with the community due to the fact that members of the public may address the committees.  While the Lord Mayor is the chair of each committee her Mayoral and Parliamentary duties mean she is often absent, giving the deputy chair of the individual committees an important role in the committee’s management.  These positions are voted for by Councillors every year.

As six out of 10 Councillors are members of the Clover Moore Party it is usual for all committee roles to be filled by those Councillors.  Despite this I chose to nominate as deputy chair of the Environment and Heritage Committee this week and was pleasantly surprised to find my nomination unanimously endorsed by the rest of Council.

I am very thankful for the faith placed in me by the other Councillors and for the maturity they have shown in rising above partisan politics to do so.   I would like to think that during my time on Council I have made a significant contribution to sustainability and the protection of the natural environments of our city and I hope that my new role will let me expand upon this further in the future.

The Council have also shown faith in my ability to advocate for a better urban environment by nominating me to attend the City Biodiversity Summit in Nagoya, Japan, next month.  One of the themes of the summit will be bringing back biodiversity to cities, a particular passion of mine, and I am very much looking forward to meeting with international experts in this field and using their experiences here at the City of Sydney.

Image  by Samuel Louie, use authorised under Creative Commons.


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