Barangaroo keeps getting bigger


The controversial Barangaroo development seems to get bigger every week.  Taller buildings, more commercial floor space and approval of the hotel in the harbour are the centre pieces of the latest changes the developer Lend Lease is requesting to the Barangaroo concept plan which already bears little resemblance to the original award winning design for the site. 

Barangaroo model

Barangaroo's massive commercial buildings tower over the rest of the City, as shown in this model created by City of Sydney planning staff

Sadly lacking from the amendments are any solid plans for integrated transport to the site via light rail or new pedestrian linkages or any real commitments to environmental sustainability measures.  All these important aspects of the development seem to have been casually dismissed by Lend Lease and the Barangaroo Delivery Authority as the responsibility of someone else. 

This leads to doubts about how seriously claims of the development being carbon neutral, water positive, zero waste and low car can really be taken.  It is looking like it will be full steam ahead with getting the huge commercial buildings constructed while transport links to the site and measures to mitigate the developments potentially massive environmental footprint will come along much later, if at all. 

For more information on my concerns about the proposed amendments to the Barangaroo concept plan, see my submission to the Department of Planning here.


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