No room at Barangaroo?

I have made it clear in previous posts on this site that I am highly supportive of both an Aboriginal cultural centre and a skate park at Barangaroo and since stating these positions I have received a large amount of support from the community on both issues.  

Sadly the Barangaroo Delivery Authority (BDA) feels that these two uses are mutually exclusive.  Despite the BDA describing the site’s central precinct as a an area that will provide “significant civic, educational and recreational space” they seem to be of the opinion that there isn’t room for both a skate park and an Aboriginal cultural centre at the site.   

Barangaroo in its current state

Barangaroo - what an oppourtunity for both a world famous skate park and Aboriginal cultural centre


This “one use only” attitude becomes all the more worrying when one realises that the theatrical industry is arguing that the site should contain a brand new theatre.  If this lobbying is succesful it may see the BDA abandon both the cultural centre and the skate park in favour of something that exists in great numbers just around the corner at Walsh Bay.   

The BDA  needs to open its mind a little and realise that a development as iconic as Barangaroo is touted as being can and should contain a wide range of uses.  Nothing says diversity more than an iconic gallery devoted to the worlds oldest surviving human culture right next door to a state of the art sporting facility where young people can learn to skate one day and an international competition can be held the next.   

Barangaroo could be something great, lets not settle for mediocrity.


One response to “No room at Barangaroo?

  1. thanks for your tireless campaign on the skate park at Barangaroo Irene. I will post your article to our facebook site. regards juliet barr and zane fields

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