Rallying for marriage equality

On Saturday I joined with hundreds of other Sydney residents passionate about equality to rally for marriage equity for same sex couples.  It was most inspiring to see so many people come out to show their pride and their passion for the cause in this, the National Year of Action on same sex marriage. 

Sadly though, the law still has a long way to go before the loving relationships between two people of the same sex are recognised as being as valid as those between a man and woman.  As recently as February this year the Australian senate voted down legislation allowing same sex marriage, with only the five Greens Senators voting in favour of it.  It seems that politicians of both the major parties are still shackled by archaic notions of nuclear families and the place of women, drastically out of step with the majority of the Australian population who recognise all love as equal. 

Myself and fellow Greens, including MLC Lee Rhiannon and candidate for Sydney, Tony Hickey, rallying for marriage equality.


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